Real Estate Lists

The Marion County Sheriff's Civil Office maintains three Real Estate Lists:

  • short: one listing the property's address, sale number and township
  • full: list which shows the address of the property, sale number, township, plaintiff, judgement amount and additional charges or fees at the time the list is exported
  • sold: list which shows the township, sold price, sale number, Purchaser's name, and address of the property

Visit for Marion County Sheriff Sale information.

Note: If you are purchasing the Marion County Sheriff's Office Real Estate List, please access this website from a new browser window to ensure a successful transaction.

Please note that purchased real estate lists will appear in your "Downloads" folder. Copies of real estate lists are NOT emailed.

For an optimal experience, please use a computer or laptop to purchase Real Estate Lists.

Full Reports
Date File Type Price Purchase
11-17-2023 csv $13.00
11-17-2023 pdf $13.00
Short Reports
Date File Type Price Purchase
10-20-2023 pdf $3.00
10-20-2023 csv $3.00
Sold Reports
Date File Type Price Purchase
10-20-2023 csv $12.00
10-20-2023 pdf $12.00

Your total payment,including the credit card online transaction fee will be calculated and displayed prior to the completion of your transaction. The transaction fee is 2.5% of the total balance due. Transaction Fee's are Non-Refundable.

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