Real Estate Lists

The Marion County Sheriff's Civil Office maintains three Real Estate Lists:

  • short: one listing the property's address, sale number and township
  • full: list which shows the address of the property, sale number, township, plaintiff, judgement amount and additional charges or fees at the time the list is exported
  • sold: list which shows the township, sold price, sale number, Purchaser's name, and address of the property

Visit for Marion County Sheriff Sale information.

Note:If you are purchasing the Marion County Sheriff's Office Real Estate List, please access this website from a new browser window to ensure a successful transaction.

Full Reports
Date File Type Price Purchase
03-17-2023 pdf $13.00
03-17-2023 csv $13.00
Short Reports
Date File Type Price Purchase
03-17-2023 csv $3.00
03-17-2023 pdf $3.00
Sold Reports
Date File Type Price Purchase
03-17-2023 csv $12.00
03-17-2023 pdf $12.00

Your total payment,including the credit card online transaction fee will be calculated and displayed prior to the completion of your transaction. The transaction fee is 2.5% of the total balance due. Transaction Fee's are Non-Refundable.

The real estate listing is also available for purchase in person at the Marion County Sheriff's Department Civil Office. The Civil Office is located in room 1122 on the 11th floor of the center tower of the City County Building at 200 East Washington Street. It is open 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday, except for county holidays.

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